Friday, 31 January 2014

The Broken Back, a poem by Adam Common, poet

And there she was,
Resting on the precipice,
My broken backed beauty,
The stuffing slashed from her seats.

My poor lady,
Her burned out husk invaded;
Stolen away, raped and burned,
And left face down in a river.

She'd drowned.

I'd wept for her.
Knees were grass stained for the trek,
The same amble of the lost
That men often walk alone.

Then I returned.
To find her gone, reclaimed
By the city, the river,
That all at once broke her down.

I cried.

To feel her curves,
That rough leather, cold metal,
Steady, assuring voice
I would never hear again.

And so I raged.
Death to my pale enemy,
That thief in the bastard night.
I'd love to take your love from you!

That's all.

What more to do?
She lays as scrap, broken backed,
In some depository,
Buried with her dead brothers,

And I live on,
Rusting and cracking for her,
Rolling downhill on flat tyres,
That never quite leave the road.

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  1. oh i just love have no idea how i wept when i "lost" my first was a yellow VW beetle...and this car had a warm heart, beating beneath under the steel and rust...great write adam..

  2. my first was an old beat up pick up truck...put a few in her myself but they were all love taps...lot of memories in that one...

  3. damn... nice writing... never thought losing a car could be so poetic, LumberJack.

  4. Excellent! Unique way to voice the loss of the did it justice, truly! Love this :) Poppy

  5. I was SOOO glad when I got rid of mine, ran it into the ground though, it served me well.

  6. You captured the feeling of loss, not just of the car, but of the life that was lived in it.

  7. Still have my first also...67 Chevy....

    I like peanut butter also, and I liked the clarity and clean feel of this poem...gonna follow.


  8. Aww..loved my first (already old) Panda. Think it fell apart in the ...great write, Adam! And you're pretty fantastic yourself..

  9. Smiles and a little teary eyed. We were a pair, inseparable. Wonderful work.

  10. Thanks for all the kind words. Great to have your appreciation.