Friday, 24 January 2014

Deep Cold, a poem by Adam Common, poet

 Deep is
The light of
The Autumn
 Sun that
Spills between
Our two

The time as
You shift, breathe,
The stuff of
Warm dreams

 Cold as
The white night,
Snow capped and
 Bleak as
The roofs that
Line our

 Thin now,
The veil of
My dark and
 Deep eve.
Static so
Not to

 You so
Soft beneath
The cold of
 Sheets and
Me so warm

Inspired by looking at THIS PICTURE
by favourite Twitter bod @Diana605

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  1. nice write, Adam... checked out the picture too... it made me hungry. hahh

    especially liked

    " Cold as
    The white night,
    Snow capped and
    Bleak as
    The roofs that
    Line our
    Street." because it's FREEZING COLD.

    1. I was pretty proud of that line! Thanks for the comment man.

  2. ugh that last part.... she warm beneath the sheets and you outside... so deeply divided... i loved the snow capped nights esp. and the bleak roofs lining the street.. and hey...good to see you... hope life goes well for you adam

    1. Good to see you too. Life is great for me :D Hope the same for you.

  3. Nice turn at the end, I like it ~ And I am way up here so I know cold cold, smiles ~