Friday, 24 January 2014

A Better Heart, a sonnet by Adam Common, poet

Better the heart that does not beat at all,
Than one that beats and bleeds for fickle love,
Whose wild attentions swing and glide and fall,
Like blind funambulists at play above.
Such barbs of cruelty spill from perfect lips,
That do not know the taste of contrite word,
And so resentment forms from grains and drips,
Compounded by the blame so oft inferred.
How dry the earth we walk when on this path,
Bereft of life and joy and kinder things;
And wishful are the thoughts we choose to have
While every moment hurts and burns and stings.
Better the heart that does not beat at all,
Free of the warmth that has me so enthralled.

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  1. This is some wonderful poetry sir. I occasionally incorporate poetry on my blog as well. great blog!!

  2. Good poem! enthralled...what a good cap for a good poem....


  3. haha love will certainly jack you up...smiles...

  4. as another bard once penned, 'its better to've loved and lost, than never to've loved at all'

  5. I am in sonnet mood today as well.
    Love the resentment line especially.

    Do you eat your peas with peanut butter?

    [It keeps them on the knife]

  6. Oh dear! I am not sure that I agree with your sentiments but I do love your dramatic romanticism--and wonderful use of the form. K.

  7. Nice! the sonnet flows so elegantly